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Finger and Thumb Theatre began life in 2002 as Objects Dart, a puppet company founded by Drew Colby to explore the use of object theatre in conjunction with traditional puppet forms. From 2002 Drew created fourteen different shows, evolving a style of object puppetry that was described by audience members as “instant puppetry”. Drew performed extensively across the UK and internationally in Turkey, Kenya, Uganda, Canada and South Africa. In 2010 Drew began to focus on hand shadow puppetry – and it was time for a new name for the company that best captured the special magic of Drew's theatre of fingers and thumbs – enter Finger and Thumb Theatre!

Finger and Thumb Theatre create visual shows for family and adult audiences using different combinations of hand shadows, video technology, live and recorded music, storytelling and songs.

Well done on a very successful day. The children loved the performance and I thought the piece was great. Perfect for the ages that it is aimed at and I liked the touches for adults too (meerkat etc..)” – Stuart Cox, Blue Elephant Theatre