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A clever composer called Camille Saint-Saëns once imagined what animals would sound like if they were made into music – he thought of a growly lion and a skippy kangaroo, a clumsy elephant and a cuckooing cuckoo. Then he wrote the pieces of music down on paper and that's how we have the Carnival of the Animals today! In Finger and Thumb Theatre's brand new performance of the piece the animals are created before your very eyes with live piano music and live hand shadows, lots of humour and simple light magic. Originally commissioned by Junction, Goole, and funded by the Arts Council, the performance is suitable for all ages. 

Finger and Thumb Theatre is delighted to be working with three concert pianists on this project – An-Ting Chang, Sarah Kershaw and Danny Wallington.

Watch this space for full details as the project develops throughout 2016 before the premiere at Junction in Goole in September.

“I am in awe at how many different animals you conveyed. My son and I were both captivated.” - Natalie Rope, parent

The Carnival of the Animals from Drew Colby on Vimeo.

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