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Fables are little stories in which animals, forces of nature and inanimate objects encounter each other in a humanised way to explore some foible of human nature, or point up a moral lesson. Inspired by these little encounters and the great fables of Aesop and La Fontaine, Finger and Thumb Theatre have created a magical performance focusing on small encounters between many hand shadow animals. The well-known fables include stories about mice, hares, tortoises, foxes, crows, grasshoppers, ants, lions and wolves, but there are many less-well-known fables with intriguing combinations of animals. In Small Fables animated camels, crabs, swans, fish and rabbits go about their business in a world created with absences of light and simple lightscapes. This is a kind of everyday magic performed with great skill, charm and humour – an old jam jar makes an underwater scene; a mirror ball spins and bubbles; a rabbit eats some finger grass and is interrupted every time he tries to sing his song, while a boy who cries wolf gets his come-uppance...

Fables is a performance for schools and venues, and can be performed as part of a workshop day. It features live music, recorded soundscapes, visual storytelling, hand shadows and lots of laughs!

Duration: 45 minutes                                 

Suitability: All ages 3+                                   

Space Required: 2 metres wide, 3 metres deep, 2 metres high

“It was utterly convincing stuff. And if the best art is a profound questioning of life, an immersive encounter with the world around us, then 'Small Fables' qualifies as art. In one word, it was a delight.." - The Times of India

"I enjoyed it very much. Very well-judged and engaging." - Annie Reilly, Programme and Production Co-Ordinator, The Nuffield Theatre

"Thank you so much for your inspirational and wonderful workshop and show at Peppard School.  The children are still practising their shadows in the playground."  - Antonia Rolph, Teacher