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Imagine learning how to make hand shadow puppets with your own hands just like Finger and Thumb Theatre! You can - we provide workshops for small hands and big hands. From short workshops where participants learn how to make three simple puppets, to more advanced / longer sessions. We explore what shadows are, the kind of light source used, and the relationship between the hands, the light, and the screen where the shadow is cast. We can also facilitate the creation of a short performance.

Our workshops support the school curriculum too - particularly elements of the Key Stage 1 and 2 national curriculum. The stories we use highlight themes pupils are working on, our exploration of light, shadow, and the scale of shadows directly supports the science curriculum – particularly unit SC4, and the use of stories that involve numbers and arithmetic compliment the Maths curriculum. We also look at the technology used in creating hand shadow theatre (e.g. single source lighting, video technology and multi-media projectors) together with how we design a production - which fits in with the design and technology curriculum. 

Our workshop elements can be booked separately or as part of a full day's schedule. We prefer to perform before the workshop/s to give participants a chance to see what is possible. The workshops are adaptable and suitable for parties, schools and adult groups.

“A wonderful time was had by all! The children in my class have spent the past 2 days holding up five fingers and asking me to count them!” – Kathryn Hayward, Teacher, Darell Primary, after a visit during Maths Week

"Thank you so much for your inspirational and wonderful workshop and show at Peppard School.  The children are still practising their shadows in the playground."  - Antonia Rolph, Teacher

Finger and Thumb Theatre and the National Curriculum

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